Welcome to Friday Fives, Vol.39

Poor typography is causing World Cup confusion
The latest World Cup controversy has nothing to do with player drama or questionable calls by referees, but is instead centered around a custom typeface designed for player jerseys. Created by Adidas, the square letterforms consist of sharp 90-degree angles inspired by Cyrillic alphabets and are causing quite a bit of confusion among viewers. Is that a K or an X? Maybe that O is actually a D? FIFA’s equipment regulations state that the font used on all apparel must be legible and distinguishable by players, match officials, spectators, and media. Adidas’ font apparently fulfills neither of these requirements, as pointed out by these hilarious interpretations of Twitter users this week. — KJ

Big tech companies to expand into print?
Just as online retailers like Amazon are moving to brick and mortar stores, other tech giants are getting IRL in other ways. Facebook has just launched “ Grow”, a new magazine for business leaders that they are adamantly refusing to call a magazine. Its most innovative feature? It’s available in print. And Facebook isn’t alone: Airbnb recently launched their own magazine titled Airbnbmag that features stories from hosts around the world. Even Unsplash, everyone’s favorite free stock photo site, is moving into the print sphere with a new Kickstarter campaign to fund a coffee table book. — LO

Blue Apron wants us all to cook like Bob Belcher
Bob’s Burgers is entering the universe of real-life food and we are here for it. Three recipes inspired by the cartoon and developed by Alvin Cailan of Eggslut will be made available through a collaboration with Blue Apron later this summer. Recipes include the “Quantum of Salsa Burger” and the “Gouda Wife Burger,” both of which were featured on the show during this past season. The third burger *SPOILER ALERT* is titled “The Absentee Shallot Burger,” and will be featured on the season nine premiere in late September. We’re counting down the days until we can eat like the Belcher family in the comfort of our own homes, far away from Mort the Mortician and Teddy. — CS

Ugly is having a fashion moment
High fashion always seems to take it to the extreme, which means it can sometimes be, well, ugly. Lately, brands have been taking this ugliness to a new level with a tidal wave of ugly-hip items like fanny packs, platform crocs, wedgie-inducing jeans, and extreme dad sneakers. Style choices that once would have marked you as a fashion pariah are now seen as the height of cool. But does this mean I’ll be hopping on the Croc train anytime soon? Hell no. — DF

Your future doctor is probably a robot
Babylon Health, a UK based health startup, has announced that its new AI has shown the ability to diagnose health issues as well as (if not better than) a human doctor. Although it may sound like yet another step in the eventual rise of our robot overlords, it has the potential to help solve the current global doctor shortage and provide better access to reputable health advice. Here’s hoping it also has the potential to stop me from Web MDing my symptoms and inducing a minor panic attack every time I get cold. — KJ

Originally published at eepurl.com.

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