Welcome To Friday Fives, Vol. 282

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4 min readDec 1, 2023

This week, we’re doing a Dyson deep dive, tuning in to Spotify Wrapped, forecasting next year’s type trends, exploring purpose-driven marketing, and chowing down on Doritos.


What Your Dyson Says About You

Lightweight and efficient, Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners range from $300 to $1,000. It’s enough to be considered a status symbol. But what are you really paying for? For Gen Z-ers and young millennials who can’t yet afford a mortgage or early retirement, a Dyson provides a semblance of security. Whereas traditional vacuums were an eyesore, many view Dysons as “weirdly sexy” rather than mundane — an appliance you don’t have to hide. They also capitalize on “gamification” and even create instant gratification with the clear dust bin. So whether you’re in the market for one or are shopping around, it’s hard not to be swept off your feet by a Dyson.


Turn It Up: Spotify 2023 Listening Trends

As 2023 wraps up, we’re geeking out over Spotify’s new listening trends report jam-packed with data. To no one’s surprise, Miss Swift takes the Global Top Artist trophy with 26.1 billion global streams. But did you know daily searches for pickleball playlists increased by 1,600% in May 2023 alone? Or that there was a 500% increase in Tomato Girl summer playlists, with 10,000+ Girl Dinner playlists also created? Discover insights about the top global podcasts, artists, and even monthly stats so niche they almost scratch your brain.


Type-Casting Trends for Designers in 2024

Speaking of trends, are you ready to start thinking about how you can get creative with type next year? Creative Boom predicts 11 ways we can expect type to evolve in 2024. One of our favorite trends is more use of 3D, immersive, and interactive types, with tools like Adobe’s 3D Illustrator tool making it accessible. Also, with the rise of big brands switching to uppercase sans in 2024, the pendulum may swing back to the past to evoke nostalgia, like what Burberry did this year.


What To Learn From 2023 Marketing Failures

With a polarized social chasm, the controversies with Bud Light and Target are just a few examples of how purpose has become a risky element for brands. Executing successfully means crafting a thoughtful, evidence-backed brand position. This article recommends that marketers recognize the challenges and strategic efforts required to integrate purpose with long-term brand-building strategies, not just short-term sights. With the reinvented (and toxic) X, and disinformation spreading with AI and deepfakes, purpose-driven marketing will be a skill worth honing in time for next year.


Chew on This Doritos AI-Driven App

Doritos has introduced “Doritos Silent,” a crunch-cancellation app designed for gamers to enjoy the chip without disturbing others. After recording nearly 500 people crunching on the chip, the app developed AI called “Crunch Cancellation Software.” It’s trained to separate a crunching sound from voices to provide a quieter gaming experience. The best part? It also works on any device with a microphone and includes other chips, crackers, and raw vegetables. As members of the anti-loud-chewers club, we’re here for this sect of cancel culture.

Gold House, a leading cultural ecosystem for championing Asian Pacific creators and companies, is partnering with OpenTable to launch the Gold Chef Prize to uplift rising Asian Pacific chefs.

IAMBIC Footwear, custom footwear using AI technology, was featured in an interview with PhotoBook Magazine on how they’re changing the industry.



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