Welcome to Friday Fives, Vol. 277

The Working Assembly
4 min readOct 20, 2023

This week we’re marveling at tiny home decor, watching the government make a bit of progress, grooving to music legends, finding costume inspiration, and pre-gaming movies.


The Tiny Revolution

Anyone else tempted to call their NYC studio apartment a tiny home? No? Just us? Anyways, small space design is making a big splash in Sunset Park right now at Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool NYC pop-up. The event features more than a dozen room schemes delightfully curated by creators, ranging from dorm decor to a DIY-ers paradise. The shoppable event goes on every weekend until October 29th, so snag a reservation before they sell out. We have our eyes on this chic wall sconce.


Government Shuts Down it’s Typeface

These are trying times for our 247-year-old social experiment. Sure, we might be on the edge of bankruptcy — BUT, there is a bright side found in an unassuming location. Without further adieu: The US State Department’s typeface refresh. A smaller bright side than you were expecting? Yeah, us too. This shift from Times New Roman to Calibri may seem a bit trivial with democracy’s potential demise, but it’s nice to know that our government is making small strides toward progress.


Happy Anniversary, Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records has changed the course of music over its 75-year history. From Ray Charles to Charli XCX and Led Zepellin, the record label has helped launch a dizzying number of music legends. To ring in the triumphant anniversary, they’ve partnered with London studio Cha Chaan Teng to launch a commemorative anniversary lock-up featuring nods to its past logo eras. It’s an inventive deep dive into the label’s consistent relevancy — and a great reason to save stop motion animation to your creative inspo mood board.


Trendy Trick-or-Treat Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, which means you’ve either had your costume planned for months or are scrambling to put something together. If you’re in the latter, might we entertain you with our pop culture selects? Find a few friends to stage an NSYNC reunion, couple up as Traylor or glam up as Renaissance Beyoncé. If movies are more your speed, dress up as your favorite Barbie (or our favorite, Weird Barbie) or go the artificially intelligent-killing-machine route with M3GAN. Then there’s the Roman Empire. We can’t wait to see your creative takes, and although you didn’t ask, we plan to go as Grimace and couldn’t be more excited.


It’s a Party in the AMC

Movie theaters have had a wild time in the past few years. From being on the brink of extinction due to COVID-19 to being reborn in the atomic, plastic glory of Barbie and Oppenheimer, the future of movie theaters is unpredictable, to say the least. Case in point: salvation for the silver screen may not lie in blockbuster hits but in busting a move. Two New York cinephiles have been throwing epic parties, permission be damned, in AMC theaters (specifically the one on 34th Street that sells alcohol). Adding an extra layer of interactivity might just be what it takes to get people interested in leaving the house again — and a big screen dose of Beyoncé.

We’re happy to share that our client Iambic was featured in the WSJ to share their revolutionary shoe technology and custom-fit sneaker brand.



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