Welcome to Friday Fives, Vol. 274

The Working Assembly
4 min readSep 29, 2023

This week we’re appreciating the history of email, imagining a football-themed Taylor Swift album, looking at a sweet new factory design, getting nostalgic about milk, and celebrating a birthday.


The Enduring Design of Email

We can’t say we’ve ever thought, “This is art” when sending off an email to one of our colleagues, but alas, this ubiquitous communication tool is currently being showcased at the Design Museum in London. The email exhibition is in partnership with Intuit Mailchimp and explores both the ease and groans email has brought to all our lives. If a show involving your daily activities isn’t your cup of tea, we suggest taking a pop over to 180 Studios.


Everything Taylor Touches Turns to Gold

It’s no secret that Taylor has the magic touch. As her new era shifts to include her new boyfriend, so do the thousands (millions?) of her fans who follow her every move. So it shouldn’t come as much surprise that Travis Kelce’s fit at the widely buzzed-about Sunday Swift game immediately went viral. Dubbed the “1989 Bedroom Painting set,” KidSuper’s head-to-toe design isn’t just gaining views — it’s going to change his entire career if history has its swift hand.


Old Brooklyn No More

Brooklyn has changed a lot over the years, as evidenced by the level of chains now making the trek across the East River. And Williamsburg is the neighborhood hotspot, with seemingly more Patagonia vests popping up every year to stake their claim on bygone hipster stomping grounds. The latest unveiling of the Domino Sugar Refinery Factory, a sprawling redesign of the iconic riverside establishment, by a visionary such as Vishaan Chakrabarti, has us wondering if 2024 will be the biggest bro pilgrimage yet.


Got Marathons?

Milk might not be the first beverage you associate with high-performance sports like marathon running, but the Milk Processor Education Program, or MilkPEP is trying to change that. In their new campaign, the same organization that made the iconic “Got Milk?” slogan makes women athletes their spokespeople. This focus on real women runners as the faces of the brand comes from the insight that women are drastically under-sponsored in sports. To combat this, MilkPEP sponsored every woman running the New York, Denver, and Chicago Marathons instead of sponsoring the race itself. This inspiring work makes us want to lace up our shoes and hit the track. We might even pour a glass of milk.


Happy Birthday, Google

Everyone’s favorite search-engine-turned-verb celebrated its 25th birthday this week. The tech giant marked the occasion with a Google Doodle that pays tribute to its evolving logo over the years. A lot has changed for Google since its plucky start in Stanford dorm rooms, but as we type this into our Google Doc and send this out to your Gmail inboxes, we’re grateful for all that Google has done and we look forward to seeing what the internet looks like at their 50th anniversary. What do you get a tech company for its birthday? Never mind, we’ll Google it.



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