Welcome To Friday Fives, Vol. 269

The Working Assembly
4 min readAug 18, 2023

This week we’re tagging AI content, shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, melting into some vegan cheese, calling our mom on X, and building new bridges with AI helpers.


Tag You’re It

Last week we discussed viral videos made with AI that fooled TikTok audiences into thinking they were real. This week it looks like TikTok is taking strides to ensure audiences have the tools to know when content is AI-generated. The new feature, also in the works by Instagram and YouTube, asks users publishing content to tag AI content that showcases “realistic scenes,” — a crucial step in preserving our peace of mind when deciding whether videos like Greek statues dancing are legitimate.


Bed Bath & Bankruptcy

If you’ve ever shopped for a Snuggie or even had the urge to buy a ShamWow, chances are you’ve perused the aisles of the now-deceased Bed Bath & Beyond. But in surprising news, Overstock bought the intellectual rights to the bankrupt chain for $20 million. In the press release, Overstock CEO noted the Overstock name never reflected the brand’s focus on home products. With Overstock’s business model and BBB’s branding, there could be some natural synergy created between an unexpected match.


A Noble New Cheese

Dough, tomato sauce, and dairy-free cheese — the core tenants of a great pizza base, according to Nobell Foods: a new brand of vegan cheese backed by Bill Gates. If you’ve tried vegan cheese, you’ll know it lacks the stretchy, pull-apart factor of dairy cheese. However, by teaching Soybean plants how to grow Casein, the same protein found in dairy cheese, Nobell has created a better type of vegan cheese. They’ve even published a whole report on the impact of climate change on pizza. Even though their cheese is not available yet, we might cheddar a tear at the prospect of a grate vegan cheese.


Someone Xplain This

X, also known now as the everything app, will launch a new way to tweet with the addition of video calling. The video call works without using your phone number, so anyone on the platform has the capability to call one another. It’s never been a feature we’ve desired from the tweeting app, but it certainly inches closer to Musk’s vision of being our one-stop shop for everything.


The Latest Construction Hire? AI.

As the most booming industry in the world, construction is showing no sign of slowing down. But for anyone living in NYC experiencing the seemingly endless presence of scaffolding, construction projects, and concerning site accidents, the industry’s presence can feel precarious. AI startups are looking towards the industry’s fault lines as a sign that a shift could be beneficial — both from a cost and safety perspective. Ultimately, artificial intelligence is constructing better data for smarter development strategies and timelines. Sounds like the right building blocks.



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