Friday Fives, Vol.23

Yesterday was International Women’s Day! We hope you took the chance to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women all over the world. The day was full of inspiring tributes like this empowering ad spot from Google and the trailer for a new documentary about the badass accomplishments of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. TWA’s own Jolene Delisle was even featured in an article from Refinery29 alongside 23 other fabulous female entrepreneurs. Cheers to all those who celebrated with us, and keep on supporting the wonderful women in your life!

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives!

Coca-Cola is Brewing up Something New
Coca-Cola is set to launch their first ever alcoholic drink in Japan — and no, it’s not rum and coke. It’s actually Chu-Hi, a canned drink with a main ingredient that’s a vodka-like distillation of rice, barley, and potatoes known as shōchū. Fun Fact: Coke isn’t new to differentiating for their Japanese market — they test out around 100 new products each year. — KJ

“Dried Blood” or “Love Symbol №2” — Predicting the Next Global Color Trend
From the now-infamous “Millennial Pink” to the recently-coined “Gen-Z Yellow”, color has a prominent and ever-present place in our day-to-day lives. This article takes a deep dive into the world of the select group of individuals pulling the strings behind these global trends — the color forecasters at Pantone. Take a look at their predictions for Spring 2018 here. — MW

Sorry Boys — the Gun Show is Officially Over
For the popular dating application Bumble, the #1 priority has always been to ensure that their users feel safe both on and offline. Following the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the company has announced that will prohibit its nearly 30 million users from posting images that include firearms and other weapons on their dating profiles. According to Bumble’s CEO, “We want women — and men — to feel comfortable, to feel safe and feel secure. Weapons don’t send that message.” — MM

This Beautiful Ad With FKA Twigs Will Make You Buy Literally Anything
Spike Jonze, Oscar-winning director of the 2013 film “Her”, is back with a phenomenal new ad for Apple’s HomePod speaker starting singer FKA Twigs. The four-minute mini-masterpiece features a new track by Anderson .Paak titled “‘Til It’s Over” and some mind-bending graphics. The result is an addictive video that’s as playful and fun as it is surreal and compelling. — KJ

Salvation Army Unveils First Non-Profit Grocery Store
The Salvation Army has extended their mission to “Do More Good” by launching the first national, non-profit grocery store chain in America. The chain — called “DMG Foods” — will bring nutritious and affordable food options to underserved urban areas known as “food deserts” that have limited or no access to supermarkets (and no, the corner bodega doesn’t count). Although smaller than your average Whole Foods, their flagship store in Baltimore has been a smashing success and includes an on-site butcher, pre-made meals, and even cooking demos. — AH

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