Every Friday we highlight five things we have on our radar that we think should be on yours, too.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

Amazon wants to influence your fashion

Last week, Amazon announced their latest attempt at staying ahead of the retail game with the launch of two new fashion-focused features: the Drop and StyleSnap. Although not generally known for their fashion sense, the retail giant has been able to dodge the decline in sales plaguing traditional retailers through cheap, occasionally inadvisable basics. With just one click, a bargain-seeking shopper brave enough to forgo the dressing room could be the proud owner of a $20 dress (that may only fit over one leg), a $10 workout top (that didn’t look pink in the photo?), or a $15 pair of leggings that are almost undoubtedly see-through. In an attempt to shake this unsexy reputation and attract a more fashion savvy consumer, Amazon’s new features will leverage partnerships with influencers to create limited edition fashion collections and identity cheaper alternatives to outfits spotted on your favorite instagram celeb. 📸 — AA

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts

As someone who gets easily anxious (and has an insatiable sweet tooth) I rely heavily on my daily snacking schedule to release a bit of soothing serotonin in my frantic mind. Stressful morning? Time for a mini muffin (or three). Long lunch meeting? I deserve a cookie with my salad. When I’m not on the clock, this love of all things sugar is put to a more soothing use with my favorite de-stressing activity: baking. Along with my fellow American millennials, I’ve transformed the simple acts of melting butter, whipping up eggs, and staring obsessively through the oven door into a meditative practice to combat the crippling anxiety that comes with living life in 2019. And the first bit into your creation? Sweet relief (unless you’ve made the ultimate millennial mistake of swapping butter for mashed avocado and winding up with soggy green cookies). Want another stress-reducing tip? Stick to the recipe. — KY

Advertising equality

“Sex sells” will no longer be a central pillar in advertising — at least not in the UK. Last week, a new advertising ban on content that promotes harmful gender stereotypes was officially implemented by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority. In the works since 2017, the ban aims to eradicate portrayals of men and women that “restrict the choices, aspirations, and opportunities” of viewers — particularly children. For those of us stuck in the US advertising bubble, we’re jealously counting down the days until we, too, can wave goodbye to the onslaught of ads with smiling, subservient housewives dutifully scrubbing their husband’s laundry and bumbling fathers struggling at basic household tasks. Until then, we’re sending a shoutout to our neighbors across the Atlantic for taking another big step toward gender equality in advertising 🙌. — AA

Memory chips for memory slips

It seems that forgetfulness may soon be a distant memory. Over the past five years, Michael Kahana from the University of Pennsylvania has been partnering with medical technology company Medtronic Plc. to create a brain enhancing device that aims to restore memory generation in people with traumatic brain injuries. The device strengthens brain signals with a small electrical input, boosting memory ability by as much as 37%. For those of us without existing cognitive damage, we’re still excited for the possibilities of this technology. Just imagine — being able to actually remember birthdays *without* the aid of Facebook. As research continues into cybernetic enhancements, we may soon be joining the ranks of Robocop, Terminator, and Inspector Gadget as the newest generation of human cyborgs. — MC

A blank can-vas

You don’t have to trek to the MOMA this weekend to see the latest cultural trends. A recent rise in craft breweries across America (and the world) has given way to a new design movement — the art of the beer can. Perusing the beer aisle in your local grocery store is no longer a simple, if slightly disappointing, feat of choosing between Budweiser and Coors Light. To house the growing list of IPAs, APAs, DIPAs, and endless other acronyms for creative brews that contain everything from fruit juice to literal meat, artists and designers have taken it upon themselves to churn out a massive portfolio of equally weird and wonderful cans. As lovers of beer and (obviously) design, we’re not mad about it. Getting a taste of creative inspiration and a delicious brew wrapped up in one tidy package is giving us all the Friday feels. — AB

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