Every Friday we highlight five things we have on our radar that we think should be on yours, too.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

A new balanced diet
Finally, an exercise incentive we can get on board with. The geniuses at New Balance have just opened The Runaway, a new breed of popup bar where your miles run are rewarded with the greatest gift of all — beer. Located on Charing Cross Road, the bar has been launched as part of the lead up to the London Marathon. Runners must log their miles on the New Balance app and meet certain challenges to cash in their reward. As the immortal Kim Kardashian once said “It’s about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it”. If that motivation happens to come in the form of beer — no matter how counterproductive to a training schedule it may seems — we’ll take it. — AB

The crusade on crazy
In an era of massive strides towards political gender equality, it’s easy to overlook another area that is currently undergoing a gender revolution — competitive sports. Only a few short decades ago, women and girls were barred from running marathons, playing on Little League teams, or participating in high school athletics that didn’t involve pom-poms. Today, female athletes acround the world are making history. In Nike’s new “Dream Crazier” ad launched on Sunday, Serena Williams rattles off a dictionary of adjectives used to belittle female athletes who are making waves (and setting records) — nuts, delusional, unhinged, hysterical, and, of course, crazy. Despite all this, these athletes continue to shine while pushing the limits of the human body and inspiring the next generation of females to play like a girl. So keep up the crazy, ladies — it’s working. 👊 — LK

A fitted future
Our life runs on personalization — from catered Spotify playlists to targeted social feeds, we’re able to build our lives *just* the way we like them. So why is it still so hard to find a pair of jeans that actually fits? The garment industry still abides by a mass-consumer mindset, but technologies like digital body-scanning, 3D printing, and automated sewing have begun to change that. Soon we can all say goodbye to the struggle of arbitrarily guessing what size you are based on what a retailer is feeling that day, when the perfect pair of personalized pants are just one (slightly invasive) 3D body scan away. The future fits just right. — LK

This hotel is a 1960s time machine
Grab an old fashioned, settle into your favorite Eames chair, and get ready to channel your inner Don Draper — JFK’s new 1960s-themed TWA Hotel is now taking reservations for May 2019. Located in John F. Kennedy’s former Trans World Airlines terminal (sorry, no relation to everyone here at TWA), the building was originally completed in 1962 by Finnish architect Eero Saarinen before closing for amassive renovation in 2001. An homage to the golden age of travel, the hotel spares no detail in its classic 60s features including rotary phones, martini bars, and original TWA terminal branding on everything from toiletries to key cards holders. Finally, a place to experience the glitz and glamour of the sixties with (hopefully) none of the misogyny. — KJ

Quest for the cup
Now that we’ve (sort of) dealt with the plastic straw issue, a list of big-name companies like McDonalds and Starbucks are teaming up to tackle bigger and better things–cups. That is, the 250 billion fiber cups that pile up in landfills each year due to their unrecyclable waterproof coatings. Launched last July, The Next Gen Cup Challenge invited startups to design innovative, eco-friendly cups to tackle this issue. From new coating materials to reusable cups, we’re finally getting a look at the best designs leading the pack. Once we’re done with cups, maybe we can look another step further — to humans and their wasteful hands. — MC

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