Every Friday we highlight five things we have on our radar that we think should be on yours, too.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives!

Choc it up to good fortune
Typefaces are on every street corner, from the storefront of your neighborhood bodega to ads for dating apps on the subway. If you’ve seen an Asian restaurant or two using an on-brand calligraphic typeface, it’s probably Choc. Created by French typographer and designer Roger Excoffon in 1955, it’s disputed if Choc (pronounced sh-oc) was created with Asian forms in mind. But much like the way Helvetica is now associated with edgy designers in black turtlenecks, Choc has somehow become synonymous with Asia. It’ll be a long time before these associations (and endless sushi restaurants) go away, so be prepared to see it everywhere you look. You’re welcome. — MC

C is for Culture
When company culture is just plain bad, it gets in the way of work. Meaningless rewards, corny catchphrases, and one-word inspirational posters are just a few all-too-familiar hallmarks of outdated attempts to foster positive corporate culture. C Space, a global company based in Boston, is taking revolutionary steps to combat these missteps and navigate the wayward path of fixing company culture. Gone are the days of motivational quotes and three-word statements like “always be hustlin’” that can backlash and foster bro-esque aggressive behavior. In a world where everything is transparent and information is shared, C Space is proving that company culture is more important (and delicate) than ever before. — EC

Martin the Martian
This week, after 6 months of hurtling through space, NASA’s Insight lander safely touched down on the surface of Mars. To commemorate this monumental occasion and the decade of work behind it, Lockheed Martin, the global security and aerospace contractor that built the lander, celebrated with a humorous (albeit, short) company-wide name change to something a little more spacey: Lockheed Martian. Shoutout to the little lander that could on successfully traversing 300 million miles through our solar system, but it *might* still need to work on its photography skills. — KJ

Low Cost Cremation and Other Design Trends for 2019
In a little over a month, we’ll be kissing 2018 goodbye and saying hello to a brand new year. While many companies are focused on summing up the past year, others are already looking forward to the future. JWT Intelligence is one such company, giving us a (slightly overwhelming) preview of the top 100 design trends forecasted for 2019. From shapeshifting foods to refrigerated rooms where you can properly test drive that jacket you’ve been eyeing, here’s your chance to make a head start on getting hip in 2019.✌ That is, if your urban aviation rideshare gets you there on time (yeah, that’s in there too). — AB II

Home-sharing, right in your Backyard
Next year, Airbnb plans to branch out from home-sharing into home-designing. Named “Backyard”, this new initiative endeavors to design and prototype new ways of building homes. While the 38 billion dollar tech company is far from broke, it knows there is no better way to hold onto those profits than by investing in something more future-proof — physical spaces. What we find most exciting is that these homes will be designed for fresh modes of flexible living with convertible spaces and futuristic features. Imagine, buying a brand new AirBnb home where walls can be folded and unfolded and furniture falls into place from the ceiling (gently, we hope). — MM

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