Friday Fives, Vol.50

This week marks our 50th volume of Friday Fives! While this may officially put us over-the-hill, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon. In the words of the immortal Rod Stewart, Friday Fives plans to stay *forever young*.

To all of our FF followers, whether you’ve just subscribed or have been with us since Volume 1, thank you for your support, your eyeballs, and your good humor.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives!

RIP Donuts
Are brand names not sacred anymore?! This month, Weight Watchers announced that the company is cutting its name to “WW” and Edible Arrangements made the (highly questionable) decision to drop the word “Arrangements” from its logo. Most notably, America’s #1 donut chain is switching from the iconic “Dunkin’ Donuts” to just “Dunkin’”. We get it — seasoned brands are always looking for ways to evolve and remain relevant in a changing world. And yes, if you insist on saying “Dunkin”, I will reluctantly understand you. But years from now, when my grandkids ask me if we can stop by a Dunkin’ for a treat, I’ll be sure to remind those young whippersnappers of an ancient time, long, long ago, where it was once the one and only “Dunkin’ Donuts”. — LK

Alexa is taking over homes
This week Amazon made its first-ever investment in Plant Prefab, a Southern California company that manufactures prefabricated homes using sustainable materials. Amazon’s interest in the company? Churning out smart homes that come pre-equipped with Alexa’s voice-activated gadgets. Following the company’s recent acquisition of a smart doorbell company called Ring, it looks like Disney’s Smart House may have been more of a prophecy than innocent preteen entertainment. — MM

How designers get stuff done
Humans love routines. Whether it’s always sitting in our favorite seat at the neighborhood coffee shop or following the same morning schedule, our day-to-day lives are ruled by habit. This holds true for almost anyone, and especially for creatives. With a lack of creative inspiration and a big deadline looming, how do designers and artists buckle down to get work done? This article gives insight from ten designers in the fashion industry on the comforting (and sometimes strange) habits that help them get their creative energy flowing. From watching “Sex in the City” to blasting Robyn on repeat, some of these creative strategies may surprise you. — DF

Spotify is spotting your “families”
We live in the age of digital subscription services, a.k.a., the age of password sharing. From using your roommate’s Netflix account to “borrowing” your boyfriend’s HBO password, we’re always looking for creative ways to access more media content for less money. The same strategy is used by groups of friends to access Spotify’s discounted family plans, and Spotify is starting to get suspicious. In an effort to confirm that our “families” are actual families, Spotify is requesting GPS locations from users to verify that they live in the same household. While it may seem like a valid strategy to crack down on fake families, many real families don’t live at the same address. Perhaps a better idea to prove family ties is to make an appearance on an episode of Family Feud. — MC

This video is everything we need
Next week, movie fans everywhere will bear witness to one of the most significant cultural events of our generation — the release of Bradley Cooper’s remake of a remake of the 1937 film “A Star is Born”, now starring the one and only Lady Gaga. On Wednesday, the movie’s marketing team soothed our impatient souls with the release of the full music video for “Shallow,” the first song from the film’s soundtrack. Gloriously melodramatic, the video has been cut and stitched together by the internet gods to create to this 10-minute loop of Lady Gaga belting out the best part of the song — the part where she goes “AHHHHHHAHHHHHH AHHHHHHH”. The movie (and the rest of the soundtrack) will be released on October 5th. Until then, we’ll be here watching this video. — KJ

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.