Celebrate Pride by giving back
This weekend is NYC Pride, a time when brands big and small jump on the rainbow bandwagon and unleash their pride-themed merchandise. Amazon’s Alexa will tell you Pride facts; Nike has a whole collection of “Be True” sneakers and apparel, and Burger King has even sold “Proud Whoppers” in past Pride celebrations. But when are all these pride-related promos genuine attempts to affect positive change and when are they just rainbow-washing? Take a look at this link for nine NYC pride specials you can support today that give back to the LGBTQ+ community. — KJ

The summer drama we’ve all been waiting for
AMC has just amped up their very public feud with MoviePass by unveiling plans to launch their own movie subscription service. MoviePass is clearly not happy that another provider is moving in on their territory and tweeted some serious shade in response: “Heard AMC Theaters jumped on board the movie subscription train. Twice the price for 1/4 the theater network and 60% fewer movies. Thanks for making us look good AMC!” While it’s true that their subscription is a bit more expensive than MoviePass, we might soon be hopping on the AMC bandwagon based on one game-changing fact — their service will allow users to reserve tickets in advance. With no more worrying about sold-out shows, I’ll finally be able to take my date to the movies in peace (and by date I mean myself). — KJ

Looking for an exotic summer getaway? For thrill seekers who think a typical tropical vacation is too *mainstream*, luxury travel company Blue Marble Private is offering a brand new destination — the Titanic wreck site. For a mere $100,000, you can explore the shipwreck in a private submarine appropriately named “The Titan.” With dives beginning next year, you’ll know exactly where to find us come 2019 — on the ocean floor living out our Jack meets Rose fantasties. — MM

Instagram is taking on Youtube
After being officially dubbed the internet’s newest dating platform late last year, Instagram is expanding their social media monopoly even further. They’ve just announced a major move that will allow users to upload hour-long videos straight from their desktop — no phone required. Called Instagram TV (IGTV) the service is already challenging Youtube as the internet’s premier source for videos of cute cats, laughing babies, and teenagers eating various things that are not meant to be eaten. — AB

Facebook for Animals
Just when we thought everyone in the world was already on social media, our social networks are now expanding to include a completely new type of participant — wild animals. A brand new social media service called “Wildbook” is a Facebook for animals that could help conservationists save endangered species from extinction. Rather than flooding users with a tidal wave of engagement announcements and baby photos, the site will use AI technology to track sightings of individual animals. Each animal will receive its own unique profile to record and monitor the animal’s activity, including key data like sex, age, and location photographed. — DF

Originally published at eepurl.com.

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