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Here’s this week’s Friday Fives!

Text 2 Shop
If Amazon Prime wasn’t already easy enough, we now have the ability to take our shopping habits to an even lazier level: text-based personal shopping. The new service, called Jetlback, is the brainchild of Rent the Runway founder Jenny Fleiss and was born out of Walmart’s Store №8 technology incubator. Jetblack, which officially launched on Thursday, provides personal shopping services facilitated entirely through text messaging. No more elbowing through crowded stores or queueing in endless dressing room lines — just you, your phone, and your couch. — DF

Feel like a kid, look like a queen
The ultimate childhood dream has officially come true — Crayola has created a makeup line. Unveiled earlier this week, the line is an exclusive collaboration with ASOS including 58 products that are entirely vegan, gender fluid, and VERY colorful. With a whopping 95 shades based on classic Crayola colors, you can finally paint your face in Fuzzy Wuzzy, Dandelion, and Outer Space — and this time your parents can’t stop you. — KJ

B is for Bancakes
Earlier this week, the renowned and beloved International House of Pancakes caused an online uproar by announcing a major change to their iconic name. On June 11th, IHOP will be flipping its last letter upside down to officially become “IHOb”. The mysterious meaning of the B has yet to be revealed, prompting anger and confusion from pancake lovers and senior citizens everywhere. Bacon? Biscuits? Breakfast? We really don’t care, as long as they NEVER get rid of unlimited pancake day. — KJ

Meet Norman, the world’s first psychopathic robot
Artificial Intelligence is a controversial topic in the scientific community — some heralding it as progress while others (including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking) warn of the impending A.I. doomsday when robots will eventually conquer the human race. Now, MIT has given us a fresh reason to heed this warning with their new psychopathic A.I., named “Norman” after the murderous Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Norman’s creators trained him to recognize images by feeding him content from one of the internet’s darkest subreddits — so gruesome that researchers wouldn’t even share its name. To test the effects on his computer brain, Norman was asked to identify a series of simple inkblot images. The results? “Man being electrocuted to death”, “Man shot dead in front of his screaming wife”, and many more creepy captions you can read here. — MM

Another reason to love IKEA
IKEA has just announced their ambitious plan to use only renewable and recycled materials in their products by 2030. Known for its Scandinavian style, affordability, and (most importantly), great meatballs, the furniture giant is now setting a new environmental standard for big businesses around the world. In other IKEA news, today marks the second day of their annual “Democratic Design Days” where they’ve unveiled plenty of new plans and products, including this very meta rug by Virgil Abloh. — DF

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