Friday Fives, Vol.34

Every week The Working Assembly shares inspiration that intersects art, music, fashion, and culture — five stories that we have on our radar and think should be on yours, too.

Happy Memorial Day! Here’s this week’s Friday Fives!

Want to see SNL live? Learn to play the Trombone.
SNL’s famous backing band has seen A TON of comedy. As seasoned stand-up experts, who better to judge the funniest monologue of SNL’s 43rd season? This article from Vulture has perfected an unbiased mathematical equation that definitively ranks all 21 monologues based on how many times the band members laugh, the length of the monologue, and how many band members are visible in the frame. Shout-out to high school algebra for *finally* being useful. — KJ

When they go low, the Obamas create “Higher Ground Productions”
After 18 months of fruitless wishing for the Obamas to resume their place in the White House, it looks like they’re headed to the next best place — Netflix. Earlier this week, it was confirmed via Twitter that the Obamas have reached a deal with Netflix to produce and star in upcoming content. Could it be a political comedy like VEEP? Or maybe just a heartfelt American documentary? Either way, I’ll bring the popcorn. — MM

This game is as hard as catching the G train on a Sunday
This new online game from Everyday Arcade is a simulation of every New Yorker’s worst nightmare — the crowded, non-air-conditioned, delay-ridden hell that is the MTA Subway system. The goal of the game — titled “MTA Country” is to safely transport a cast of characters including Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and NYC meme superstar Gregg T. — face of the MTA’s “see something, say something” ads. Along the way you’ll dodge track fires, stalled trains, angry passengers, and pizza rats (so basically your average morning commute on the F). — LO

Women are not allowed to read this
With the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale in full-swing, advertising agency 4Creative has rolled out a fabulously alarming ad campaign to catch the attention of UK viewers. Last Friday, London commuters were greeted with a slew of eerie digital posters and advertisements boasting statements straight out of a Gilead PR campaign — “The city is no place for a woman. A woman’s place is at home,” or “Women have no business doing business,” or, our personal favorite, “The only job for a woman is to reproduce.” As a majority-female office, we *may* be breaking a few rules on this one. — CS

This healthy beer is helping cancer patients
If you know anything about the Czech Republic, you know they love their beer. Now, Czech creative Agency Y&R Praque has teamed up with Mamma Help, an organization formed by breast cancer survivors, to create a brand new type of beer — Mama Beer. The alcohol-free drink is specially formulated for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Its sweet flavor appeals to patients’ altered sense of taste, and it’s packed with essential nutrients to give patients something to nourishing to drink when eating is hard. This just proves what we’ve known all along — beer really is the answer to all problems. — KJ

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.