Friday Fives, Vol.32

The Clio Awards (if you don’t already know) is an annual awards program that recognizes innovation and creativity in advertising, design and communication. This year’s program is quickly approaching and Jolene, our founder and creative director, is going to be a judge! If you think you have what it takes to impress her, apply here!

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives!

Our Instagrams are all the same
“Multiplicity,” a new data visualization created by artist Moritz Stefaner, proves that humans are totally unoriginal when it comes to Instagram. If you’ve ever posted a photo of the Eiffel Tower, a forearm tattoo, or literally ANY yoga pose, you’ve probably fallen victim to this phenomenon. But honestly, how creative can you be when your best photography subjects are lattes and other people’s dogs?. — KJ

Hey Google, can you tell my friend she has food in her teeth?
No surprises here — Google is getting creepier. Like an episode straight out of Black Mirror, Google is currently in the works of launching Google Duplex, a natural-sounding AI that will call up people from your contacts list and have an actual conversation with them. Need to make a doctor’s appointment? Google will handle it for you. Are you feeling hungry? Google will call your favorite pizza place and order you “the usual.” If you want, it will even call up your S.O. to break up with them on your behalf. It’ll be great…I think? — MM

The resemblance is uncanny
This year we’re celebrating the 50th birthday of an American cultural icon — the Big Mac. To honor the world-famous sandwich, McDonald’s Latin America created a Coke Can that looks like a Big Mac — two patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, sesame seed bun and, duh, the special sauce. The can will only be available in South America to influencers and superfans, so online hunting may be your only chance to snag a can. Too bad Ebay doesn’t have a dollar menu. — KJ

Yeezy is taking over the world
Kanye West — rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, fashion designer, possible Trump-supporter, and now… architect? Kim K’s boo just announced the impending launch of his most recent venture — an architecture firm titled Yeezy Home. The firm is looking to fill around 160 positions to fill by the end of the year, which might have been a bit easier before his latest blunder. — CS

2 be or not 2 be
Nothing says “I’m over forty” like typing two spaces after a period. Although the extra space has long been considered outdated, the typewriter generation has won a small victory after a new study released by Skidmore College concluded that using two spaces after a period makes reading “smoother” and “more efficient”. So, I guess. We will be doing that in our Friday Fives more often. — KJ

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.