Friday Fives, Vol.20

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Dog. Did you know that the Chinese New Year is one of the largest holidays in the world and is celebrated by 25% of the world’s population? During the CNY period (which lasts for 16 days), millions of people are journeying home to celebrate with family, billions of red envelopes are exchanged, and more fireworks are used than any other world holiday. A little tip for all Dog Year readers — this year your sign will conflict with the Tai Sui, bringing some extra bad luck your way. To counteract this bad luck, you may want to kick off your spring season by seeking out some blessings in obtaining Peace and Good Fortune . 🐶
新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè)!

Who’s Your Celebrity Doppelganger?
Just a few weeks ago we all witnessed the meteoric rise of Google’s fine art selfie-matching app as people everywhere scrambled to find their own canvas twin. But let’s be honest — celebrity doppelgangers are what the people really want! In a sequel to Google’s efforts, Popsugar has developed the ultimate celeb face-matching app called #twinning. Use it to discover a new twin, settle those hard-fought debates between friends, or show the world you’ve been right along. — KJ

Street Artists: $6.7million, Gentrifiers: Zero
Street artists prevail! One of the most-watched legal battles of the art world has come to a resolution. While we’re sad the art is gone, we’re thrilled $6.7 million has been awarded to 21 artists whose art was whitewashed from the iconic graffiti mecca, 5Pointz, by a real estate developer. The decision marks the first time graffiti artists have prevailed in a VARA (Visual Artists Rights Act) suit, providing artists rights over their work even if it’s not their property. — SH

Date Like You’re in Black Mirror
Still searching for love after Valentine’s Day? Meet “Coach” — a new website inspired by the season 4 Black Mirror episode “Hang the DJ,” in which a handheld dating device determines the length of a couple’s relationship based on a terrifying algorithm called “The System”. If you’re sick of endlessly swiping on Tinder — where the odds are mathematically proven to be stacked against you — give the device a try for yourself. Just share a link with your current romantic partner and follow Coach’s prompt’s to reveal how much time you have remaining in your relationship. Whether you have 20 minutes or 20 years, Coach promises to use the data gathered from your current relationship to eventually locate your “ultimate match.” — KJ

How Chloe Kim Won Gold in the Halfpipe (and on twitter)!
After five days of Olympic games, Team USA is lagging behind the competition in only 5th place (live medal count here). Despite our modest ranking, we’ve just reached an historic milestone with our 100th gold medal win. One of those golds came from Chloe Kim — a 17-year-old California native who is the youngest female snowboarder to ever win an olympic medal. Kim has also been making headlines as one of this year’s most relatable athletes after giving an interview on her post-olympic prom plans and tweeting about being hangry while making Olympic history. — KJ

How to Help the Florida School Shooting Victims
This week’s shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, marked the eighth fatal school shooting of 2018 — just seven weeks into the year. Although it may feel like there’s nothing you can do to stop these devastating events, there are things you can do to help. Whether it’s donating blood or contacting your local representative to speak out against gun violence, a little bit of effort can go a long way. — AH