This week we’re getting trendy with Google, pondering the redesign of a national icon, and getting super spooked by the uncertain future of coffee.

The Trendiest Store of 2021

Ok, Google. Show me this year’s top trends, make them shoppable, and throw in Jennifer Coolidge just for good measure. Google Shopping teamed up with Paper Magazine to create 21of21, a digital catalog of all the items that spiked in searches this year. They break down 21 of the cultural phenomena that dominated internet conversations and the items that filled our online shopping carts. Of all the trends, we’ll miss “cottagecore” the most. If you need us, we’ll be sipping tea in a cashmere sweater watching the rain fall gently on our tidy garden.

A Space for DTC Team-Ups

Canal matches direct-to-consumer brands with other direct-to-consumer brands, who have a similar ethos, in a convenient, shoppable platform. Say you’re looking at a fancy, single-blade razor from a DTC grooming shop. Canal will suggest products from other brands that share the razor brand’s appeal, like another brand’s premium shaving cream or beard balm. It can help brands reach more people, and help others discover new brands. It’s a win-win. Woo.

Old Glory Gets a New Look

The stars and stripes are a symbol of America. That patriotic pattern comes in bedspreads, bathing suits, tote bags, and even Crocs. But what if the national icon we all knew was redesigned today? The New York Times asked 6 artists to reimagine the flag for 2021. Each artist brings something modern, personal, and poignant to their interpretation. All we can add is that rebranding an entire nation would be a fun challenge with 333,558,957 clients to consider.

A Grim Future for Good Coffee

Since it’s Halloween this weekend, we wanted to scare you a bit. And if you’re a coffee lover, this one is especially spooky. Climate change could be a nail in the coffin for good coffee. By 2050, half the land in ideal coffee growing climates and elevations could be unusable due to rising temperatures and droughts. That means less coffee production, and the beans that are grown are bound to be lower quality and less flavorful. Not to be dramatic, but as coffee-chugging creatives, this news ruined our day, week, and possibly our fiscal year.

Foiling Photo Fraud

If you’ve ever looked at a picture and thought, “Hmm, that photo of a shark dunking a basketball while riding a motorcycle seems Photoshopped.” Then we have good news. Adobe is rolling out a feature called Content Credentials to help identify photo manipulation in instances that are slightly less obvious than the example we gave in the first sentence. The tool works by allowing whoever creates an original image to attach metadata to the file, including when it was made and its history of edits. You can check if an image has been tampered with via Verify, a new website that allows users to upload photos and see the changes. As people who stare at Photoshop all the time, we applaud this new feature.

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.