This week we’re getting back on the dating scene with help from Lyft and Tinder, admiring Homer Simpson’s fancy new threads, and looking beyond the silver screen to white sheets of paper where the film magic begins.

Get Your Tinder Date a Lyft

In-person dating is making a comeback, but singles still aren’t quite as ready to mingle as Tinder had hoped, so they’re encouraging more face-to-face interactions by partnering with Lyft. Tinder’s newest matchmaking measure allows you to buy a Lyft ride for your date. There’s no need to swap addresses, just send a credit with a destination and your date takes care of the rest. This is a great (although maybe a bit desperate) feature, but it doesn’t alleviate the awkwardness of figuring out who will pay the bill. Can we split it? Let’s split it.

A Museum in the Metaverse

The Museum of Digital Life (MoDaL) is a virtual museum featuring 12 pieces of NFT artwork. It houses a range of work, from 2D images and videos to immersive 3D experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to casually say “Hey, I own a museum,” then you’re in luck. The entire space is for sale. Buying it gives you ownership of the original files displayed, plus the opportunity to grow the collection. No word yet on whether or not there’s also a digital gift shop where you can spend $80 on a hoodie, but if there is, we’ll take one for our collection.

Springfield Fashion Week

To promote their 2022 summer collection, and also perhaps to prove that their wares can make anyone look more fashionable, Balenciaga collaborated with The Simpsons on a new digital short. The short itself, like everything The Simpsons have done since the 90s, is only half-funny, but it rolls out all your favorite characters in neat fashion (pun intended) making it at least semi-watchable. It seems to be an unlikely pairing at first until you realize a lot of what Balenciaga makes actually looks like it was designed for cartoon characters.

The Boards Where Films are Born

Feature films are monstrous, with 120 minutes of separate scenes all linking together to create a cohesive, compelling narrative. At least, that’s what they do if the storyboard artist has done their job of interpreting the vision of a director into an artistic blueprint, frame by frame. The extensive work done by these artists generally never sees the light of day, confining the artists to obscurity despite the fruits of their labor that’s being viewed globally. The technical, unglamorous side of filmmaking is largely ignored, but this article gives them their moment in the sun. We see and appreciate you, storyboard artists.

The Library for Leaders

Startup founders are expected to know everything, but between scaling an Everest of emails, going to networking events, and still trying to watch Squid Game because everyone’s been talking about it, not all founders have time to become experts in every department. Founder Library is a resource built to help those founders grow their company and take their vision to the next level. It features a wealth of information submitted by accomplished professionals, with articles that teach you how to conquer business tasks that are slowing you down. Maybe we’ll submit an article about how to totally nail your weekly newsletter.

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.