This week we’re putting on our finest donut themed apparel, ordering burritos with a side of sustainability, and snacking on a boozy, briny, branded pickle.

Dunkin’ Drops More Than Donuts

How does an aggressively normal New England coffee and donut shop go from stuffy place for senior citizens to hang out to favorite coffee spot of TikTok stars? Drops. After famously dropping the “Donuts” from their name, Dunkin’ decided that drops would be their go-to marketing move. But these drops would come in the form of the Millennial usage of the word, meaning to release a new product that generates buzz. Some drops capitalize on social media crazes, partnering with Gen Z icon and Dunkin’ fan Charli D’Amelio to introduce new drinks to the menu. Other drops are intentionally absurd and only for the most loyal Dunkin’ devotees, like a tandem bike, bedspread, or wedding veil — because nothing says forever like fried dough and piping hot coffee.

The Whitest Paint On the Planet, For the Planet

Researchers at Purdue University created an ultra-white paint that broke a Guinness World Record as the whitest paint ever made. It started as a project to combat climate change, working with the theory that super reflective paint on buildings could reduce the need for internal cooling through air conditioning. When tested, the paint, infused with barium sulfate, kept outdoor surfaces 19 degrees cooler at night and 8 degrees cooler midday. Watch out “eggshell white” and “chantilly lace,” you’ve got some bright-white paint color competition.

Guac Is Extra, Sustainability is Free

Chipotle’s “Real Foodprint” is a sustainability tracker that shows your orders’ environmental impact. The new feature compares their ingredients’ effect on the planet versus their competitors in terms of carbon emitted, organic land supported, water saved, antibiotics avoided, and soil health improved. We’ll definitely use this. What we’re still not ever going to use is their nutrition calculator. We don’t need to know how many calories are in our double meat, double cheese burrito with a side of chips and guac. It’s been a long week, ok? We need this.

Hendrick’s Turns Themselves Into a Pickle

What do you get when you partner the beloved gin maker, Hendrick’s, with the New York institution, Katz’s Delicatessen? Gin-infused pickles. The two brands worked closely together to create a new pickle experience that’s a delicate blend of juniper and cubeb berries, with half-sour brine soaked for 72 hours to create the boozy botanical pickle you didn’t know you needed. They’ll be available to order September 27th on the Katz’s website. And if alcohol and pickles sound like your idea of a tasty beverage, ask for a pickleback next time you’re in a dive bar. But please drink and snack responsibly, folks.

Accessibility Sells

It might seem like common sense, but companies that make intentional strides to be more inclusive in their design are more successful. Take Nike for example, who designed the Pro Hijab, a moisture-wicking performance head covering for Muslim athletes, and the Go Flyease effortless slip-on shoes for people who are unable to bend down and lace up their sneakers. These items aren’t one-off moves to pander to underserved groups; they’re wildly popular and are good for the company’s bottom line. With the Go Flyease being such a hit with the general sneaker-head population, the people who actually needed them had a hard time finding a pair. It’s no surprise that more and more companies are following suit making inclusivity a priority, and we love to see it.

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.