This week we’re swiping left on ghosting, making a tasty Oreo mixtape, and exploring the future of brick and mortar retail spaces.

New Emojis Emerge

Google is updating its emojis from gumdrop shaped blobs to more rounded, symmetrical forms, and honestly, we’re getting a little emoji-nal about saying goodbye to the amorphous globules we knew and loved. The Google emojis were born in 2013, a time in history when emojis were a cute text function. They’ve since become a matter of cultural significance and an integral part of how we communicate. Android developers hope these “squishy circle” shapes are easier to update in the future and make for fewer cross platform errors. Insert broken heart emoji here.

Old Storefronts, New Opportunities

It’s been all doom and gloom for brick and mortar stores like Saks Fifth Avenue. Online shopping, mixed with COVID-19, has stores closing down and staying empty, just waiting to be filled. WeWork sees this as an opportunity. WeWork is partnering with Hudson’s Bay Co., owners of Saks, to bring coworking spaces to former retail locations. The new coworking chain, SaksWorks, will cost $299 and include amenities like cafes and gyms. It’s a smart pivot for Saks, but we just have one question: do Saks Fifth Avenue gift cards still work? Asking for a friend.

Matchmaking Meets Ghostbusting

Match is hoping to alleviate two of the biggest obstacles to modern dating: swiping and ghosting. Match is rolling out a new “Matched By Us” feature that is essentially a swipe-free form of online dating that uses an algorithm to match you with one new person each week, because computers definitely understand love, or can at least recognize when two people both love rocky road ice cream. To curb the spooky phenomenon known as ghosting, they’re testing new features that rekindle conversations that seem to have fizzled out. Save the ghosting for Halloween, people. If you’re not into someone, let them know. Yeah, that’s right, we’re a relationship advice newsletter, too.

Hollywood Squares

Citizens of LA is an 11-story photographic homage to Los Angeles creatives. In true Hollywood style, it features polaroid shots of some of the city’s most influential yet least recognized creators who uplift their city and communities. The public photo exhibit commemorates the opening of the affordable luxury hotel citizenM in downtown LA. The display will be up in the hotel’s windows until August 23rd, when the hotel opens its doors.

Make a Sweet Mixtape

Oreo is going all in on playfulness with some sweet nostalgia. Oreo’s new packs come with a scannable logo that leads to a digital mixtape experience where people can make mixes, share them with friends, and have a chance to win fun musical prizes. We love the idea, although a digital mixtape isn’t quite as fun as getting a cassette or even a CD with a barely legible handwritten tracklist. Oh well, we’re off to eat some Oreos and reminisce.

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.