This week, we’re chowing down on a fashionable sandwich, becoming better Airbnb hosts, and trying out ASMR cutlery.

McDonald’s Pixel Perfect Ads

We were McShocked when we saw these pleasantly pixelated ads from McDonald’s. The golden arches gang struck advertising gold with a minimalist campaign featuring blurred images of their signature items. By obscuring their iconic foods into barely recognizable shapes, it somehow makes us want them even more. No seriously, we’re next in line for the drive-thru, want anything?

A Meta Headline About Email Newsletters

We know, we know. An email newsletter writing about an article on the greatness of newsletters? Feels a bit egotistical. But if you’re reading this, then you’re probably into newsletters, too, and we think Molly Fischer’s recent piece is an interesting look at the history, practice, and future of writing and receiving them. Our only complaint is that we weren’t consulted for a quote. There we go being egotistical again…

Build it with Brickit

If somewhere in your house there’s a giant plastic tub full of assorted Legos, get ready to dump them all onto the floor. A new AR app called Brickit can turn your mismatched mess of Legos into a masterpiece. Just scan your heap of bricks, and the app gives you options for glorious new constructions and instructions on how to make them. Are we about to spend our Friday building Lego stuff now? Heck. Yeah.

Just Cork It

Nike introduced a line of planet-friendly shoes made with at least 20% recycled cork or recycled poly-canvas by weight, colored with natural plant dyes. These greener sneakers are part of their “Move to Zero” campaign which aims to steer the company to zero carbon and zero waste emissions. They’re available to purchase here. We’re always down for some fashionable upcycling.

Norway says no way to edited ads

If you’ve ever felt ugly because you logged on to Instagram or TikTok and started comparing yourself to people who seem flawless, we have some good news. The first good news is that you’re stunning, charming, and talented, and you don’t need validation from social media. You’re welcome. Second is that if you happen to live in Norway, the government is going to slap warning labels on sponsored posts where the people in them have been cropped, shaded, warped and otherwise morphed into unrealistic beauty standards. Hopefully this inspires more body positivity online, but if it doesn’t, read the second sentence of this paragraph again.

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.