This week, we’re reflecting on how Zoom became a household name and are debating quitting our day jobs to become Foodtok chefs instead.

We’ll also be taking time off for Memorial Day Weekend, but we’ll be back on June 11th with more stories to share!

The “Band-Aid” of pandemic life

You know you made it when your product name becomes synonymous with the generic product offering itself. Think Band-Aid, Pyrex, and Google and Zoom, for better or worse, is no exception. We may joke about it, but Zoom has had a tremendous impact on all of our lives in the past year. Regardless of what video conferencing tool you use, Zoom has become a household name that we may never forget.

The future of remote work

Believe it or not, remote work has been around for a really long time way before the pandemic (gasp). Although our brain automatically equates remote work with “work from home,” the two are very different. As a result of the pandemic, many are now advocating for employers to offer unique remote work options, such as co-working spaces, as a standard alternative to both working from home and going into the office.This New Yorker article dives deeper into what remote work looked like in the past and what it could look like in the future.

It’s a race against time

Climate change is bad. We all know that. From unpredictable weather to rising sea levels, the future is not looking pretty. However, climate change is now quite literally erasing humanity’s oldest art. We’re talking hand drawn images from 40,000 years ago being completely eroded. Experts are working hard and fast to save them, but it’s quite literally a race against time. Yikes.

Foodtok is taking over

Goodbye Michelin Star chefs, hello Foodtok stars. In 2021, consumers are trading in overpriced crème brûlée for whipped coffee, “TikTok Pasta,” and three ingredient Oreo cake. TikTok has birthed a new generation of cooking stars, ones didn’t put countless years in a professional kitchen or at a glossy food magazine. Nevertheless, some up-and-coming food creators say they’re already making six figures.

Noodles not included

Normal Rubik’s cubes are so last year. If you want to change up your Rubik’s cube game, check out this new one from Toyo Suisan Kaisha. Each package comes with a thin silver-toned sheet, mimicking packets of powdered seasoning. Moreover, this version is a lot simpler, as there is only one side that needs to be put together. Unfortunately, there are no noodles included with purchase.

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