This week, we’re getting shaken up with “guccified” Balenciaga, “I’m vaccinated” stickers, and getting our chicken nuggets robot-delivered.

Debrands are all the rage apparently

We’ve covered debranding once before but we’re covering it again because, why not. This time around? We’re intrigued by flat identities, like Baskin Robbins’ and the portals that they are able to create. Intrigued as well? Bloomberg dives more into it here. Speaking of rebrands, Coca-Cola has also rebranded, and you guessed it, they also went the slick and minimal route.

Stickers actually work

There are people who can’t get vaccinated soon enough and people who don’t want it at all. Weird times. To get more people excited about getting vaccinated, California has tapped Fuseproject to create stickers that help promote Covid-19 vaccine pride, and in fact, scientifically speaking, these should be effective. Research has shown that those classic “I Voted” stickers we’ve seen during elections actually play a considerable role in getting more people to vote. So given that you’re not supposed to share your CDC vaccination card (oops), these stickers seem like the next best thing to posting on social media.

Robo-delivery to the rescue

When delivery costs more than the actual food itself, is it still worth ordering? Well, have no fear, because Chick-fil-A is here with its new partnership with Kiwibots to test out delivery robots, servicing orders in 30 minutes and for a mere $1.99. The chain’s semi-autonomous technology can sense people and traffic but is also remotely human-supervised. Though, don’t expect to have your chicken nuggets delivered by robots anytime soon, as these potentially life-changing, chicken-revolutionizing robots are still in early stages of testing.

Mirror, mirror, through the Zoom…

Mirror, mirror, through the Zoom, I’m exhausted, aren’t we all? Turns out, not exactly, as women are much more likely to experience video conferencing fatigue than men. Mirror anxiety, the stress felt from seeing your reflection in the self-view window during video calls, is stronger amongst women as it essentially presents another form of undue societal pressure on appearance, manifested for the pandemic-age. So while Zoom might be the closest thing we have to in-person meetings right now, I say we could be even closer to reality–without a constant digital mirror staring back at me.

Balenciaga “Guccified”

Luxury fashion is in disbelief this week ever since Gucci and Balenciaga teamed up, not for a collaboration, but for a “hacking.” The fashion industry is calling it the weirdest and most magical thing to ever happen. According to GQ, it was all of Balenciaga’s hits–but “guccified.” Honestly, you just need to check it out for yourself here.

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NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.