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Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

That’s So On-Bland

By now, most consumers are aware of the D2C phenomenon changing the retail landscape. They may actually even know what D2C means. And they are beginning to notice a trend: the more new brands (both startups and corporate toe dips) attempt disruption, the more the disruptors are copying each other, and the more they are starting to look and sound the same. It’s to a point where if you ride any mass transit or walk past any wheat-postered wall, it might not be obvious what new brand of eco-conscious gourmet toothpaste subscription service the ad takeover is touting. It might not even be obvious what the service is. Doesn’t matter; it looks a certain way, and that “way” means new and cool and it “gets me” and changes the world while being convenient. Take a look at how this article breaks down the similarities across these “blanded” disruptors. — LO

See you later plastic!

Who else has made an emergency trip to their deli for some laundry detergent only to find that it costs $15 for a bottle? If you were just as shocked as I was, well, Algramo is going to be your new best friend. Algramo is pioneering a new way to do laundry — one that is eco friendly, accessible, and cost-conscious. Algramo offers cleaning products and other essential items to consumers without creating the waste of single-use packaging. However, Algramo is not for those willing to spend more money because they want to avoid waste, it is for lower-income consumers who cannot afford to buy in bulk. Intrigued? Check out this article to find out how Algramo is going to change how we use cleaning products in the future. — EO

Team, Just Team.

The NFL season is back! While the foodie in me is excited by news of Postmates becoming the NFL’s official delivery partner and offering deals all season, in the year that has been 2020, this will obviously be a season different than any other. In fact, one franchise will play the season without a nickname. And no, this is not the same as that time you were working on a group project and couldn’t think of a creative team name and settled for ‘Team 1’. The Washington Football Team wants to place its emphasis on “TEAM” — not just its star players, but everyone on the roster, the sidelines, the coaches, the community, and last but definitely not least, the fans. The team will also be activating its fan base by calling for name and logo suggestions. This is definitely an interesting approach given the current circumstances and it’ll be interesting to see how both fans and non-fans respond to this change. — AF

Say hello to Ashley Too…I mean Moxie

If you’ve seen the episode of Black Mirror featuring Miley Cyrus and met the AI nightmare that is Ashely Too, you know Moxie. At 40cm tall, Moxie is an AI child companion meant to teach and engage kids between five and 10. With a hefty price tag of $1500, it boasts an uber-friendly design and is able to recognize and react to facial expressions with its SocialX machine-learning platform. I’m not sure if this will take off in the future but, as a former robot myself, I can certainly say it’s just another great (or scary) step towards the AI singularity. — HY

100% Contactless Guaranteed

Attention fast food lovers! While I have been lazily ordering delivery from the comfort of my couch, Burger King has been hard at work unveiling a new restaurant plan designed to meet the needs of the current ‘COVID world’. The all-new Burger King will feature a drive-in with QR code-enabled ordering, a drive-thru, curbside delivery, no-contact pick-up lockers, a shaded patio with outdoor seating, and a suspended kitchen and dining room above the drive-thru lanes. This revolutionary rendering enables a 100% contactless experience, and I must admit it looks pretty cool. And although I have questions about how long we’ll really be in need of such a design, as of now, we can expect this new Burger King to be introduced into Miami, Latin America, and the Caribbean in 2021.— CC

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