Friday Fives, Vol. 135

Every Friday we highlight five things we have on our radar that we think should be on yours, too.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

You’ve been influenced.

Ask anyone in the fashion industry that is younger than, say 23, and the term “influencer” will make them cringe. Although influencers may have perfect instagram feeds and millions of followers, they are not necessarily at the top of the “cool pyramid.” Influencers actually are influenced too and that’s where the term “cultural pioneer” comes into play. In my opinion, “cultural pioneers” are the true influencers and they come from all different backgrounds like art, music, poetry, photography, food, and design. This article is a must read as it dives deeper into what truly might be the next wave of marketing, especially for the Gen Z generation. — EO

*Not* out of this world

The Trump Administration just revealed a new logo for Space Force, the new government agency that will protect US and allied interests, including assets such as satellites, in space. However, the logo has been met with some controversial feedback from design experts, including our very own Lawrence O’Toole. Check out this article to see what Lawrence has to say! ––EO

We saw you liked this….

We all know the simultaneous joy (and fear for our wallets) that we experience every time we fall into the “we saw you liked this, you might also like that” rabbit hole of online shopping. So what is the technology underlying this system? Just a decade or two ago, people still had to manually input every item that was being sold online with descriptors — a slow, costly, and sometimes imprecise method of categorization. Years later, taxonomy — the science of naming, describing, and classifying items — has become the new fashion-tech essential. Advancements in artificial intelligence now help retailers comprehensively and quickly assign descriptions to products based on brand, style, occasion, and even personality profiles, which is how we receive our suggestions. There are constantly new investments and research being conducted in this area and I for one, can’t wait to see where this advancement can take us, and our never-ending shopping lists. — CC

Condoms, but make it art

Jenny Holzer is a contemporary artist who is loved for her brutally direct manner and words. Her famous series “Truisms” has become a part of the public domain, and she has now teamed up with the online art community Avart Arte and the New York City AIDS memorial on her latest work, “URGE AND URGE AND URGE.” The work features condoms that are wrapped with messages like “MEN DON’T PROTECT YOU ANYMORE” and “EXPIRING FOR LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT STUPID”. All proceeds will go towards the AIDS Memorial. If you’re looking to snag one of the condom jars, I’m sorry to say they have already sold out. For anyone who is into art, these jars are truly collection-worthy. — KW

The future of signs

You’ve probably seen makeshift signs in local restaurants and stores asking you to wear a mask or respect social distancing rules. Many times the signs are written on a piece of paper or printed out, which makes people think that these policies are only temporary. Sadly, this situation is not going to be temporary. In addition, many essential businesses have been going back to work and it is very clear there is a need for a signage system that can communicate new social distancing policies. Hastings, a Nashville-based architecture firm, and Base Design felt a great need to encourage safety around such issues. Therefore, they created Way Forward Signage, an initiative to convey a uniform message around health and safety in the workplace because clear and accurate messaging is crucial no matter what the size of the company is. Overall, with the systematized signages that deliver accurate safety guidelines, hopefully we will all feel safe coming back to work in the future. ––JP

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The Working Assembly

NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.