Friday Fives, Vol. 125

Every Friday we highlight five things we have on our radar that we think should be on yours, too.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

When the streams align

For the past few months, as travel has shut down and everyone has retreated into their homes, it has been easy to feel cut off from the rest of the world. While a case could be made for using this time to learn how to get comfortable in solitude, it’s not any easy task. And I believe there is a key difference between being comfortable in solitude and being comfortable in isolation. Spotify’s latest Listening Together campaign is a beautiful reminder that even though we may be 100, 500, or even 1,000 miles apart from someone, we are still connected through music. And if you’re the person across the globe also listening to Now I’m In it by HAIM on repeat right now, I look forward to listening together. — AC

Fashion’s new horizons

The new runway is now a crossing. It seems that one of our latest cultural obsession amidst the quarantine has gleaned the attention of the high-end fashion community. And it makes sense somehow in this new virtual world, as all sorts of industries are adapting to platforms that can better serve their fans and customers. Animal Crossing isn’t the first to garner this attention as live shows are being streamed through online games like Minecraft, and Fortnite as well. I have to admit, the byline, “It could change the way fashion works forever” was hilarious, but I’m also interested in wearing Marc Jacobs as I’m digging for fossils as a cute stubby avatar. As more games are released I’m sure this crossover between the virtual and real fashion words will continue to grow exponentially. Check out the link to read more on the designers, streetwear brands, and publications coming to an Animal Crossing town near you. — CB

Creators gonna create

Creators create, even when stuck inside. And if you’re not usually a creator, maybe now could be a fun time to try. Itsnicethat has put together a digital zine filled with content from awesome artists expressing their perspectives in quarantine. Maybe you’ll find something relatable or inspiring. Pelle Cass’s photos are some of my personal favorites, whether it’s a global pandemic or not. — HY

Mother’s Day isn’t cancelled

Mother’s Day this year will be a little different for my family thanks to the coronavirus. With that being said, one thing still hasn’t changed. My mom continues to give me lame ideas for what she wants for her special holiday. This year? Socks. Not much to work with, but due to these new circumstances, there are new opportunities for how I can celebrate my mom during this quarantine. While some outlets suggest getting interesting gadgets like ‘bond touch bracelets’, I’m more interested in the heart-warming and interactive activities that can be done online. One of these includes a virtual wine tasting, which my mom would not only love but quickly get drunk from. Although, more feasible suggestions include having a zoom call with your family if you can’t be with them, share some memories by watching old videos, play games, and just enjoy each other’s presence. These virtual activities are something I’ll definitely be doing with my family. But don’t worry, I still got her the socks. ––SS

To space or not two space?

The world has many polarizing issues– crunchy vs. creamy, GIF vs. JIF, tabs vs. spaces– but not everyone knows the age old debate of 1 space vs. 2 space. With roots reaching as far back as the early 1800s, the ancient art of adding 2 spaces after a period has been hotly debated between the traditionalists and the modernists for decades… until now. Microsoft has put its foot down (albeit gently) on the debate once and for all, and the double space has been sentenced (pun intended) to death by squiggly underline. The time of the typewriter is over; all hail the modern word processor. — MC

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