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Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

Think Local First

It’s safe to say that the current situation has taken a toll on all of us. The impact on small businesses has been particularly devastating as they often have tight profit margins, fewer resources, and depend on shopper’s disposable income. They need our support everyday, but more so now than ever. We’ve heard a lot lately about ways we can support local restaurants. While I turn to platforms like Grubhub and Seamless regularly to find which restaurants are offering curbside pick-up or delivery, it’s not as easy to find other local businesses like book stores and boutiques that are offering these services. Shopify has introduced a new app with a “Shop Local” filter to make supporting local merchants a lot easier. Next time you’re adding something to your Amazon cart, consider scrolling through your local options first. And If you’re looking for other ways to show your support, think about buying a gift card, or give some love to your favorite local spots on social. — AC

If They’re Meant to Bee…

The recent pandemic has put a pause on many aspects of our daily lives, and for many people that includes dating. With social distancing still being enforced, there is really no way to go out and meet someone. The only option is through dating apps (unless you’re this guy). Bumble and Buzzfeed released a new video allowing viewers to take a peek into a few virtual dates that are being done through Bumble’s video chat option. The goal of the video is to convince current single people that virtual dates aren’t as unsettling as they might seem. My opinion? No way would I do that. But take a look for yourself! We may have a few more months of this… ––SS

I Want To Ride My Bicycle! (BICYCLE, BICYCLE!)

In an attempt to realize and mitigate the serious risks of returning to states of normalcy, European cities are “gearing” up for post-COVID life. Already setting ideal examples for healthier urban infrastructures, many major EU cities are expanding to support even more public access as people can no longer rely on crowded trains, buses, or cars. Bike lanes are growing, paths and sidewalks are being extended, and cars nearly prohibited from city centers — all in an effort to prioritize the safety and distance needed for citizens. These improvements that prioritize pedestrian infrastructure can set great examples for U.S. cities once we pass our incident peaks. Although some might see these measures as impractical most will come to realize that these urban fantasies which prioritize better air quality, fitness, and access to public infrastructure are crucial to surviving a post-COVID city. ––CB

First Responders Activate!

Everyday at 7 PM I hear bells ringing, pans clanking, applause, and cheers of “WOOHs” and “YEAHs!” I immediately drop what I’m doing to look out my window and clap and shout energetically along. This is the time of day when our love for the everyday front-line workers of the Covid-19 crisis unites people around the globe. As an adult, you can’t help but feel gratitude for the first responders working towards our well-being. But we forget that, in many cases, children do not yet understand what triggers this profound sense of gratitude. Often as a child, their first windows into the real world are through movies and toys — through the use of their imaginations. This is why it’s so important for them to bring the heroic lives of essential workers into their playtime. This is where they connect the “real world” with their own. It’s where they process what’s happening around them. ––DB

Will Zoom For Food

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype. These communication outlets are all necessities at this point in time. Nowadays I’m either on a conference call, virtual game night with friends, or a makeshift bridal bachelorette party via FaceTime. It has become the new normal, and companies are taking advantage of the situation. Honestly I’m not mad at it. Burger King is now giving away free Whoppers to anyone that uses one of their billboards during a Zoom conference call. Generally, I turn my camera off during meetings, because I’m either working in bed or my hair is still a mess, but I’m willing to change that for some free food. Or a cooler background. ––SS

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