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Every Friday we highlight five things we have on our radar that we think should be on yours, too.

Here’s this week’s Friday Fives.

My new favorite concert venue, my house

Quarantined and feeling weirder than ever. Everyone is searching for some sense of normalcy. Whether that be finding solace in doing nothing, taking a morning stroll, or turning to technology to get creative and reacquire some control, we all want out of the Q. For some, the fourth week of isolation brings a whole new era of creation. Musicians are turning to at-home concerts and Zoom music videos to quench their need for creativity and give some much-needed entertainment to the world around them. Go give it a listen and give some food to your soul. —RW

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The worm is back.

Nasa is officially (and finally) embracing its “worm logo,” which was retired in 1992. Although it lived on in popular history through merchandise over the past few decades, NASA announced this week that it will begin using the mark again in big ways — “capturing the excitement of a new, modern era of human space flight”. Nasa reports it will be used on a coming launch vehicle set to send astronauts to the International Space Station as part of a Demo-2 flight in May of this year. I’m excited for this logo to finally get the credibility it deserves (even though they’re still keeping the meatball…). Peep the link for some brief behind-the-scenes information on the iconic worm design by Danne & Blackburn in ’75. — CB

Can’t go to the office? Bring the office to you!

One month into WFH, it’s become clear that there are certain mundane things about the office and our regular routines that we’ve taken for granted. Maybe it’s the harmonious melody of Rachel and Mark’s synchronized humming or Otis, the office dog, getting his zoomies in first thing in the morning. Maybe people even miss the clacking of my supposed “loud” typing. These articles are here to help provide a semblance of normal after one month in the Q. — HY

A whole new meaning to sweatpants

Quarantine can’t hold back art and creativity. Using the hashtag, #objectsofmyisolation, Parsons School of Design is encouraging the world to reassess how the COVID crisis has changed their perspective of everyday household items. It should come as no surprise that a lot of doorknobs, cleaning products, and video game consoles are making it into people’s submissions. What would you put on yours? I for one certainly have a new point of view of my sweatpants and my ever-growing hair. — HY

The couch is my new Everest

Today officially marks one month in quarantine for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to cancel upcoming travel plans. The biggest trip I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks is the one between my bed and the kitchen table. Lucky for us all, Airbnb is going to save us from our stir-crazy by bringing its experiences platform online. The platform will offer a variety of virtual journeys to distant (and not-so-distant) destinations some of which include, visiting the dogs of Chernobyl and a wine class with an expert in Porto. And Airbnb is not the only platform reimagining what it means to travel. Check out Thrillist’s list of live streams for other ways to satisfy your wanderlust. On Saturday, you’ll probably find me hanging with some brown bears in Alaska. And on Sunday, I think might give climbing Everest a go. — AC

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