This week we’re putting on our finest donut themed apparel, ordering burritos with a side of sustainability, and snacking on a boozy, briny, branded pickle.

This week, we’re learning how to reach a new generation of consumers, being confused and amazed by the looks at the Met Gala, and unwrapping a public art display in Paris.

This week, we’re seeing the beauty in ugly design, planning our visit to a desert utopia, and shopping for fashionable hats to wear during our next visit to The MET.

This week we’re loving Airbnb’s humanitarian efforts, skateboarding into the weekend with a gnarly new board, and pretending to be music producers with an addictive rap soundboard.

In a last salute to summer, TWA will be going on summer break next week, but we’ll be back (refreshed and potentially sunburnt) on September 17!

This week we’re cramming into a branded subway car, pondering the latest Banksy pieces, and signing up to live in a Martian habitat.

This week we’re swiping left on ghosting, making a tasty Oreo mixtape, and exploring the future of brick and mortar retail spaces.

This week, we’re getting nostalgic for bygone eras of entertainment, TikToking at 32,000 feet, and confusing our taste buds with a meatball scented candle.

We’re back! Last week we took the whole agency upstate for a team-building, s’more-roasting offsite, but this week we’re checking out a baseball team’s new aesthetic, investigating the funding phenomenon known as a “business shower,” and putting our creativity to the test.

This week we’re stepping into the wizarding world to do some shopping, mentally preparing for mac and cheese flavored ice cream, and getting hyped for the Tokyo Olympics.

This week, we’re chowing down on a fashionable sandwich, becoming better Airbnb hosts, and trying out ASMR cutlery.

The Working Assembly

NYC branding agency exploring the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. Partnering with emerging and evolving brands.

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